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Career Brand U - Summary: This course is a 5-part module set to take all levels of community college students (previously employed or otherwise) through intentional personal branding meant to enhance their knowledge of self, knowledge of the working world, and their ability to enter it upon graduation. This module will equip students with job search tools such as a professional resume and cover letter, alongside skillsets in networking, interviewing, and introspection necessary to seek our career fields best suited to fit their strengths. This module uses 5 branding criteria (Meaningfulness, Transferability, Adaptability, Likability and Memorability) to allow student learners to think through how they want their personal career brand to be developed and be perceived by others. At the completion of each module, students will have the option of meeting individually with or sending their work to a Career Services Advisor who will give them a certificate for completing the section. Students who complete all 5 sections will receive a pin to wear at graduation and will be admitted 3 hours early into the annual Career Fair. Course Goals: The Career Brand YOU course is designed to equip students with interpersonal skills, workplace knowledge, and the tangible job attainment tools necessary to be workplace competitive in their chose field. By the completion of this 5-part module, students will be able to: CG#1: Connect academic learning and academic achievement to their career exploration (Apply) CG#2: Develop work products that contribute to their employability and marketability. (Create) CG#3: Market themselves effectively to prospective employers both verbally and through written documentation (Create) CG#4: Use knowledge and tools attained to evaluate their professional products (Evaluate) CG#5: Identify resources within the Career Services office that can assist them with job readiness and career exploration. (Apply)" Lauren Estes


Career Exploration & Life Planning - "This course is designed to help students demonstrate an understanding and appreciation for the impact and significance of career choices on their 1) social, 2) psychological, and 3) physiological experiences through the life span. This course is also structured to help students identify their interests, skills, values and personality traits, conduct career research and exploration, and learn current job seeking skills. Students will analyze the relationship between themselves, their life choices and the ongoing process of career planning and self-development throughout the life span." - Lauren Wintermeyer, Ventura County College District


Career Services Toolkit -  "This Toolkit is meant to be a resource for Career Services professionals to have as a resource library for their institution's faculty and staff. It contains modules to be shared with faculty with lesson plans, presentations, and example assignments on Major Exploration, Resumes, Job Search Strategies, and Interviewing Strategies. After importing this webcourse you can tailor it to your own institution's branding and design schemes, as well as your office's resources and materials." - Emily Flositz, UCF 


FA18: Career Development & Planning - "This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of planning and organizing job search strategies. Emphasis is placed on identification of individual goals, assessment of talents, exploration of career options, analysis of the job market, effective use of employment search tools. Students will learn how to develop a resume, participate in several mock interviews and develop a career pathway. The course stresses the value of the Public Affairs and Criminal Justice degrees in the labor market and develops job search skills that will be useful throughout life." - Joseph Guzik, Indiana University

Library Ebooks 

A Student's Guide to a Meaningful CareerIt's never too early to determine your true calling and start working toward your ideal career! A Student's Guide to a Meaningful Career: Choices, Education, and Opportunities serves as a dynamic workbook that will help you uncover your unique qualities, passions, and strengths, then consider complementary career paths. You will learn how to take advantage of the many opportunities available to you during your academic career, many of which can make you more marketable to future employers.Filled with thought-provoking readings, activities, and opportunities for personal reflection, this guide will help you make strategic, career-related decisions as a college student so you can realize your career aspirations in the future.A Student's Guide to a Meaningful Career is part of the Cognella Series on Student Success, a collection of books designed to help students develop the essential life and learning skills needed to support a happy, healthy, and productive higher education experience.

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