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PJI Resources - Violence Prevention: Additional Student and Faculty Anti-Racism Resources

Ideas for Action

Protest: National Resources List

  • Legal Counsel for Protestors, Resources for people who can/can’t protest, resources for people who can/can’t donate, bail fund information, tips for protesting, basically all you need to know


Non-protest: Non-Protest Actions

  • Educate yourself about your identities and privilege(s) you hold
  • Educate yourself about the systems that keep your privilege in place
  • Frequent Local Black owned Businesses and Restaurants (tip well and leave positive reviews)
  • Order your education materials from Black and POC bookstores and writers directly 
  • Decolonize your bookshelf
  • Be aware of the space you take up and the emotional labor you might be burdening your friends of colors with by asking them to educate you. 
  • Register to Vote (and then do candidate and ballot research AND VOTE)
  • Write to your representatives
  • Get involved in townhalls and local government operations
  • Follow social media accounts of activists and educators doing the work of antiracism

What can you do?

Voting and Volunteering (while still social distancing)

Talk to your represetatives!

Social Media Resources

One of the most simple things you can do is clean out your social media. Follow people who are knowledgeable about the area you want to learn more about.

Suggestions for social media accounts to follow:

  •     Brittany Packnett @mspackyetti on Instagram and Twitter
  •     DeRay McKessen @deray on Instagram and Twitter
  •     Dolores Huerta @DoloresHuerta on Instagram and Twitter
  •     Sara Mora @misssaramora on Instagram and Twitter
  •     Alison Désir @alisonmdesir on Instagram and Twitter
  •     Chanel Miller @chanelmillerknowmyname on Instagram
  •     Liz Plank @feministafabulous on Instagram
  • Jameelaa Jamil @jameelajamilofficial and @iweigh on Instagram, @jameelajamil on Twitter
  •     Malala Yousafzaii @malalafund on Instagram
  •     Rachel Cargle @rachel.cargle on Instagram @rachelcargle on Twitter
  •     Patrisse Cullors-Brignac @osopepatrisse on Instagram and Twitter
  •      Jessica Yellin is a former White House reporter who reports via her Instagram live/stories.  She did this interview with sociologist Rashawn Ray (@sociologistray). Dr. Ray is an expert in the area of anit-racism work. He is also active in social media.


Suggestions for organizations to follow:

  •     Together Rising
  •     Black Lives Matter
  •     Families Belong Together
  •     From Privilege to Progress
  •     The Conscious Kid
  •     Speak out with Tim Wise
  •     Read Like a Rockstar-Children’s resource @readlikearockstar on Instagram
  •     Education with an Apron- Children’s resource @apron_education on Instagram
  •     Speaking of Racism @speakingofracism on Instagram and Podcast
  •     Color of Change @colorofchange on Instagram


Understanding Privilege
1. Questions to consider: What biases do I have?  What privileges do I have and not see? What assumptions do I make about students, colleagues, friends? What are microaggressions and how do I contribute to it?

2. Test your biases– Project Implicit Social Attitudes

3. Learn about Microaggressions


Netflix Viewing

  • Icarus
  • Dirty Money
  • When They See Us
  • 13th
  • History 101
  • Nanette: Hannah Gadsby
  • Douglas: Hannah Gadsby
  • Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King and Patriot Act

Children's and Young Adult Books

What role does a city’s budget play?

Every year your respective city adopts a budget which directly impacts our local communities. If these disproportionate spendings anger you (which I hope they do), I urge you to channel this anger to the mayor, city council, and commissioners' inboxes and voicemails.” (Michelle Verbitskaya)

Here is an example from the City of Orlando


Also, Michelle Verbitskaya suggests finding out who to contact about your city’s budget is important. Here is an example of the City of Orlando



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