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Neurodiversity: Neurodiversity


Autism and ADHD diagnosis by a qualified medical professional can cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars and is often not covered by medical insurance.

For these reasons, self-diagnosis is considered valid within the neurodivergent community. Those who self-diagnose often use some of the online tests available; see link below. Note that Valencia does not accept self-diagnosis.

Faculty, this means that students who are not already diagnosed when they come to Valencia may not be able to obtain the paperwork that would allow them to request accommodations from OSD.

Links are provided for informational purposes only; Valencia College does not endorse any of the services that may be purchased from some of the information providers listed on this guide.


Masking or camouflaging is the process of hiding neurodivergent traits and creating a pretense of neurotypical traits in order to appear neurotypical.

Masking is exhausting and can result in:

  • increased stress
  • increased depression and anxiety
  • delayed diagnosis
  • loss of identity
  • and even burnout


Correcting Common Misconceptions

  • Not all autistic people are savants.
  • Not all savants are autistic.
  • Autistic people have empathy.
  • Not all autistic people are non-verbal.
  • Women and girls can be autistic.
  • People do not outgrow autism; autistic children grow into autistic adults.
  • Only some people outgrow ADHD, the majority do not. Symptoms may change or lessen in adulthood.
  • Autism is not caused by vaccines.

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