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Reconsideration of Resources in the Valencia College Library: Home

Guide for policy and procedures for reconsideration of resources in the Valencia College Library.

Valencia College Library Mission

Mission Statement
The mission of the Valencia College libraries is to provide a variety of learning centered resources, services, and facilities to support a diverse community; to encourage academic achievement, student success, and lifelong learning; and to enhance teaching excellence.

Valencia College Library Collection Development Policy

Valencia College Collection Development Policy

The primary purpose of collection development is to meet the informational needs of learners. Collection development refers to the process of building and maintaining the library’s entire materials collection, encompassing print, non-print, and digital formats. Physical materials purchased with library funds are for the library collection only. The collection development process includes the formulation of guidelines and procedures, coordination of acquisition activities, budget formulation and allocation, needs assessments, collection evaluations, selection, resource sharing and deselection. 


Valencia College Academic Freedom Policy

Valencia College Academic Freedom Policy

Valencia College is committed to the principle of academic freedom throughout the institution.  Academic freedom and responsibility as they apply to teaching, research and creativity are essential to Valencia College. In the development of knowledge, research endeavors, and creative activities, a college faculty and student body must be free to cultivate a spirit of inquiry and scholarly criticism and to examine ideas in an atmosphere of freedom and confidence.


Reconsideration of Resources in the Valencia College Library with FORM

FORM: Request for Reconsideration of Resources in the Valencia College Library
The resources acquired for Valencia College are selected to meet the teaching, research, and service missions of the college. Appearance of any resource does not mean that the libraries advocate or endorse the ideas found in that resource. We strive to ensure equity in access to information resources for all library users.

Challenged Resources
Resources in the Valencia College Libraries may be challenged by students, faculty and staff of Valencia College.  A challenge to a resource must be based on the failure of that resource to fall within the Libraries’ selection and collection development policies, including the commitment to intellectual freedom. When challenging an item, the patron may request the library take one of two actions; (1) removal of an item because it is inappropriate, or (2) the retention of the item; possibly with the addition of a source to balance the collection by providing alternative views. The Libraries may agree to take either action or no action at all. Challenged items will remain available to Library Users during the duration of the challenge.

Those persons wishing to challenge a resource in the Valencia College Libraries will be asked to complete a Request for Reconsideration of Library Resources using the form below. No action will be taken until the form is fully completed.  Submission of the completed form to the Library Director will trigger the formal reconsideration process and the form will become part of the public record.  The completed form will be submitted to the Library Director via mail or e-mail; the Director will acknowledge receipt of the form via mail or e-mail. The request will then be considered by a committee of four librarians responsible for collection development in the subject area of the resource. A new committee will be formed for each challenge.  The committee shall consider not only the concerns of the person making the challenge to the material, but also the material in the context of the libraries’ collections as a whole and in regard to the policies and mission of the library. The recommendation(s) of the Committee will be sent to the Library Director, who will make the final decision. The person making the challenge will be notified in writing via mail or e-mail by the Library Director within 30 days of that decision and any action to be taken. The decision is final. 

Once validated by the process, materials shall not be eligible for further reevaluation as each challenged item has been through a rigorous review. An updated file listing the title, date challenged, date resolved, and final disposition, will be kept by the Library Director and provided to anyone who requests the list.

If a resource is removed from the library collection in accordance with the challenge procedures, that resource shall not be added back to the collection for at least 2 years. The library reserves the right to reacquire previously challenged materials if needed to maintain adequate support of the educational or research programs of Valencia College.

Your Name______________________________________________________________
Valencia College ID/VID Number ____________________________________________

Complaint Represents: Self ___or Organization___ Name of Organization________________

Material Challenged: Book___, Periodical___, Electronic Resource___, Media___, Other___

Date of Publication___________________________________________________________

1. What brought this resource to your attention?


2.  Please describe why, in your opinion, the named resource is objectionable.

3. Why does this resource not fall within the Collection Development Policy of the Valencia College Library?

4. Did you read, view or listen to the entire resource?

5. To what in the resource do you object?  Please be specific, cite pages and/or sections.

6. Are there resources you suggest that would provide additional information and/or balancing viewpoints on this topic?

7. What action are you requesting the committee to consider?


I acknowledge the above procedure and timeline and that this form is part of the public record.

Signature ____________________________________________

Date ________________________________________________

Please submit the form by mail or e-mail to:
Library Director, Valencia College                           or
1800 S. Kirkman Rd. 4-4
Orlando, FL 32811


Profile Photo
Ruth Smith
Library Director, Valencia College
1800 S. Kirkman Rd. 4-4
Orlando, FL 32811

Valencia College Statements of Institutional Purpose


Valencia College Statements of Institutional Purpose

Includes the Vision, Mission, Values (learning, people, diversity, access, integrity), and Statutory Purpose.  


Intellectual Freedom Resources


Intellectual Freedom Core Documents

Includes the First Amendment, ALA Library Bill of Rights, Code of Ethics of the American Library Association, and Freedom to Read Statement


The Valencia College libraries do not welcome solicitation of resources to be added to our LibGuides. This includes but is not limited to vendors, search engine optimizers, placement of ads, products, or any other requests. Our LibGuides are carefully curated resources developed in partnership with faculty, staff, and students to support specific assignments, courses, events, and other related purposes at Valencia College. The Valencia libraries reserve the right to ignore LibGuide resource solicitations, and/or block persistent requests from groups or individuals to add or promote links in our LibGuides.