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INR 2002 (Duncan) - Colonization and Globalization: Preliminary Research

A guide to library resources for Professor Duncan's assignment on the impact of colonization and globalization on regions of the world.

Key Words

During your preliminary research, make a list of words and terms in the following categories:

Countries in this Region:

Countries that Colonized this Region:

Groups of People Native to this Region:

IGO's & NGO's:

Key People:

Wars in this Region:

Indicators of Globalization in this Region:

Search Strategy

The resources on this page should be used as a starting point. Begin with the background and history of your region and start building a list of key words.

Use the categories on the left as a guide for building your list of key words.

Recommended Databases

Connecting to the Library via Atlas

To Connect to the Library via Atlas:

1. Log in to Atlas:

2. Go to the MyAtlas tab, Courses tab, or Employees tab.

3. Under Libraries, click Search the Library.