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ENC 1101 (Brown): Internet Research

A guide to help students complete research essays in Professor Brown's Comp I class at the Osceola Campus.

Statistical Web Sites

The following web sites are predominantly run by the US government and may be the best way to find very specific statistics on some of your topics.

Find a Volunteer Opportunity

Choosing Credible Sources

Google Search Tips

Using Google to find research? Consider using some of these tips to narrow your search and get better results.

  • Phrase Search: Putting the name of your organization in quotation marks will ensure you get results with the entire phrase, not just certain words ("Second Harvest Food Bank")
  • Truncation: Using an asterisk after the root word will search all variations of endings (e.g. volunteer* Orlando will search volunteer, volunteers, volunteering)
  • Site Type: Adding this tool will allow you to search your keywords on specific kinds of sides, like .org, .edu, or .gov ("Help Now of Osceola"
  • File Type: Use this tool to locate files related to your search instead of web sites. This can help you find statistical reports ("Help Now of Osceola" filetype:pdf)
  • Site Search: If you're on a web site and it does not have its own page search, use Google (statistics