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ENC 1101 (Zuromski) - Argumentative Essay: Choosing a Side: Find Editorials and Opinions

This is a guide for students in Professor Zuromski's Comp I class on West Campus. It contains resources and suggestions for finding editorials.

Connecting to the Library via Atlas

To Connect to the Library via Atlas:

1. Log in to Atlas:

2. Click Search the Library (upper right corner on the MyAtlas tab).

What are my Borrower ID and PIN?

Your Borrower ID is the number on the back of your Valencia ID card. Most often, this number is your VID number. (On cards issued prior to August 12, 2008, you will see a 14-digit barcode number instead.) If you do not yet have a Valencia ID, enter your VID number as the Borrower ID.

Your PIN is the last four digits of your VID number.


  • Add to your search Section: op* OR ed*. This will search for articles from the opinion or editorial section of the papers.
  • Hint: It can also be helpful to add the words "support*" or "oppose" or "opponents" to your search. Be advised, though, you won't necessarily find supporting articles by typing "support" and opposing articles by typing "oppose." This will just help you find articles that probably tell about a point of view.

Subject Guide

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