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SPC 1608 (Gaythwaite) - Ethics & plagiarism : Real World Examples

An online guide for Professor Gaythwaite's Plagiarism Workshop. This guide is optimized for the Mozilla Firefox browser. Please use the Firefox browser if any images are missing, or formats seem incorrect.

Plagiarism & Unethical Examples

The following examples provide context and actual depictions of plagiarism and unethical behavior.

Former NYT Editor Jill Abramson accused of plagiarsm, admits citation errors 

Jill Bialosky says plagiarism claims 'should not distract' from her poetry 

Plaigiarsts Considered Suicide - Two plagiarists detail how getting caught plagiarizing led to thoughts of suicide.

Did Obama Plagiarize State Of The Union Address? - Many passages bear resemblance to other people's speeches.

Romney Campaign Copies Obama Donation Text - Donation site text changed after similiarities detected

UCF Cheating Scandal - Professor catches 1/3 of class cheating on a Strategic Managment Test

New York Times Reporter Plagiarizes - Jayson Blair plagiarized and faked numerous articles

Wal-Mart Heiress Loses Diploma - Heiress paid roomate to do her college assignments.

Band of Brothers Author Accused of Plagiarism - Historian Stephen Ambrose caught plagiarizing.

Hungarian President Quits After Plagiarism Row - President of Hungary's dissertation plagiarism leads to resignation.

Vanilla Ice vs. Queen and Bowie - You be the judge!






Joe Biden: Plagiarist

Biden plagiarizes speeches of other politicians

Melania Trump Plagiarizes Michelle Obama