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Selected Resources for The Enlightenment and Romanticism Humanities - East Campus: Bibliography

Selected Resources for The Enlightenment and Romanticism Humantities - East Campus


Selected Resources for

Enlightenment and Romanticism Humanities


Blackwell Companion to the Enlightenment                                       REF CB 411 .B57 1992

Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment                                                   REF CB 411 .W48 1996

Great Lives from History: Renaissance to 1900 Series (5 vols)            REF CT 104 .G68

History of the Modern World (10 vols.)                                              REF D 20 .H544 2000

Great Events from History: Modern European Series (3 vols)              REF D 209 .M29

Events that Changed the World in the Nineteenth Century                  REF D 358 .E97 1996

Encyclopedia of Romanticism: Culture in Britain 1780s - 1830s          REF DA 529 .E53 1992

Companion to the Industrial Revolution                                             REF HC 254.5 .L72



Oxford Illus Encyclopedia of the Arts                                                REF AE5 .094 1985 v6

Book of Art (10 vols)                                                                       REF N 31 .B6 1997

Dictionary of Art (34 vols)                                                                REF N 31 .D5 1996

Encyclopedia of World Art (16 vols)                                                  REF N 31 .E533

Schirmer Encyclopedia of Art (4 vols)                                               REF N 31 .L3 2002

Great Artists of the Western World                                                  REF N 40 .G77

Vol. 4, The French Classical Tradition                                             

Vol. 5, French Rococo                                                                   

Vol. 6, English Portraiture and Landscape                                        

Great Artists of the Western World II, v. 4--Romanticism                   REF N 40 .G774

Art of the Western World                                                                 REF N 5300 .C715

Gardner’s Art Through the Ages                                                       REF N 5300 .G25

Visual Arts: A History                                                                      REF N 5300 .H86 2000

Art in World History                                                                         REF N5300.H674 2004

World Atlas of Architecture                                                              REF NA 200 .W67 1988

Architecture: a Visual History                                                           REF NA 202 .N43 2001

Sculpture (4 vols)                                                                            REF NB 60 .S3813 1996

American Impressionism                                                                 REF ND 210.5 .I4 G474

Story of Painting                                                                             REF ND 450 .B43 2000

Arts and Ideas (Earlier editions in circulating books, NX 440)             REF NX 440 .F56 1991

Lives and Works in the Arts (9 vols)                                                 REF NX 449.5 .L58 1997

Cambridge Guide to the Arts in Britain, v. 5-7                                    REF NX 543 .C36



Encyclopedia of Philosophy (9 vols)                                                  REF B 41 .E5 1972

History of Philosophy:                                                                     REF B 77.B723

v. 5, The Eighteenth Century                                                           

v. 6, The Nineteenth Century                                                           

World Philosophers and Their Works (3 vols)                                    REF B 104 .W67 2000

Women Philosophers                                                                      REF B 105 .W6 K47 1989

Encyclopedia of the Enlightenment                                                   REF B 802.E53 2003

Encyclopedia of Religion (15 vols)                                                    REF BL 31 .E41 1987

Oxford Illustrated History of Christianity                                            REF BR 1452 .086 1990

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation (4 vols)                                REF BR 302.8 .093 1996




Oxford Dictionary of Dance                                                              REF GV 1585 .C78 2000

International Encyclopedia of Dance (6 vols.)                                    REF GV 1585 I586 1998

Dictionary of the Dance                                                                   REF GV 1585 .R3 1975

Dance Handbook                                                                            REF GV 1601 .R63 1990



New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (20 vols)                      REF ML 100 .N48

Heritage of Music: v. 2 & v. 3                                                           REF ML 160 .H527

New Oxford History of Music                                                            REF ML 160 .N44

Great Composers: Their Lives and Times (10 vols)                            REF ML 390 .G82

Great Composers: Their Lives and Times II (5 vols)                           REF ML 390 .C7185

New Kobbe's Complete Opera Book                                                 REF MT 95 .K52




Novels for Students (15+ vols)                                                         REF PN 44 .N937

Literature and Its times (5 vols)                                                        REF PN 50 .L574 1997)

Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800                                              REF PN 86 .L53

European Authors 1000-1900                                                           REF PN 451 .K8

Nineteenth Century Literature Criticism                                             REF PN 761 .N5

Cambridge History of English Literature, v. IX-XIII                             REF PR 83 .C22

Cambridge Guide to Literature in English                                          REF PR 85 .C29

Critical Temper, v. 2-3                                                                     REF PR 85 .C77

Great Writers of the English Language                                             REF PR 85 .G66

Major Authors Edition Moulton’s Lib of Literary Criticism, v.4-5           REF PR 85 .M33

Feminist Companion to Literature in English: Women Writers             REF PR 111 .B57

British Authors of the Nineteenth Century                                          REF PR 451 .K8

English Romantic Poets                                                                  REF PR 590 .E5

Dictionary of Literary Biography, v. 116 & 119                                    REF PS 221 .D5