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Graphic Novels : Streaming Videos

Collection of graphics novels available at Valencia College - East Campus Library

Films on Demand (Films Media Group)

Films On Demand (Films Media Group) database can be found in Valencia College Library's Databases A-Z list.  As with other databases information, you must log into the system to access the information.  There are two ways to log in.  The first menthod is to log into Altas.  Once at the Atlas homepage, click on the Courses tab.  Look for the Libraries box in the left column.  Within the Libraries box, click on "Search the Library."  You will be redirected to the LINCC 2.0 search page.  In the top ribbon, click on the "Databases A-Z" tab to take you to the Classic list of databases.  Scroll down to the title "Films On Demand (Films Media Group)" and click here.  Once in the database's homepage, you can either enter the videos 5-digit film number or enter the video's name to access the video and accompanying information. You can also search the database by entering the author's name, name of the work, or name of literary theme.

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Films On Demand (Films Media Group) Database:

(Video descriptions provided by Films Media Group)


The following are examples of information on graphic novels available in the FMG database. 



Graphic Novels (05:46)

From Title: Alternate Literary Voices and Vehicles  # 36031

For many years, graphics-driven literature was not taken seriously, but there is "nothing hotter" in the book market today. The popularity of Japanese manga (graphic novel) and the "critical mass" of serious, graphic novels in the U.S., account for the surge in interest in graphic novels.



Art Spiegelman (04:09)

From Title: Alternate Literary Voices and Vehicles # 36031

Spiegelman shares his disillusionment over the government's reaction and subsequent exploitation of the events of 9/11. He is a primary creative force behind the surge of graphic novels, a support for a generation of new authors, and an articulate spokesperson for comics.



Graphic Novel Cartoons (03:13)

From Title: Alternate Literary Voices and Vehicles # 36031

Seth, a graphic novelist, creates his project in steps. First, he roughs out the sequence of events, and from these thumbnails, he creates more detailed pencil drawings and, finally, ink drawings.

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