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ECO 2023 & 2013 (Harris) - Debate Topics: In Depth Research

This guide is for the debate assignment for Prof. Harris' economics classes.


Brainstorm keywords for your search by identifying synonyms and related people, ideas, events and places. 


Should the NCAA pay college athletes? college athletes, student athletes, college sports, pay, compensation, wages

Additional Library Databases

The library provides access to many subject specific resources. For example, if you are looking for a specific example of a real life case you can search a news resource or if you were interested in the economic impact of your topic you can explore a business database.

During this in depth research phase you may develop more questions. For example:

  1. What are the economic theories related to your topic?

  2. Have you made any assumptions on either side of the issue?

  3. Are these assumptions accurate? What information or details can you provide to strengthen your point?

  4. Is there an alternative interpretation of the information you have found?

  5. Which people and/or groups agree with your side? Which disagree?


Explore the following government website to examine government policy and explore statistical data.

Additional websites

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