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HUM 2223 (Woldman) - Medieval Humanities

This libguide provides information for instruction and is a basis for the study of medieval humanities

About this page

NOTE: The videos mentioned on this page are historical movies ABOUT the medieval times. For the Medieval Movie Review assignment, please select a fictional movie SET in medieval times from the other tab. Please do not use one of these films for the medieval movie review.

Terry Jones' Medieval Lives

Accessing Valencia Databases

Valencia databases are accessed through your Atlas account.  Atlas Logo

Once you have loggin into Atlas, look for the Libraries box in the top righthand column.  Click on Search the LibraryAtlas Libraries Box

On the Search page, locate the Databases A-Z link in the top navigation bar and click on it.  Database list Link                                         

You will be directed to an alphabetical list of Valencia's databases. Look for your specific database title and click on the name.   List of Databases

Click on the blue Connect to Database button and the database chosen will open up in a seperate window . Connect to Database Button

DATABASE: Academic Video Online (Alexander Street Press)

Follow the directions for Accessing Valencia Databases and choose Academic Video Online (Alexander Street Press.)

Click on Playlists in the navagation bar and in Search Playlists text box enter HUM 2223.

Academic Video Online

Click on HUM 2223 listed in the Playlist column and choose the video you want to view.

DATABASE: Films on Demand (Films Media Group)

Follow the directions for Accessing Valencia Databases and choose Films on Demand (Films Media Group.)


  Enter the 4 or 5-digit code for the video you want to view and click on the red Search button. 


The Summoning of Everyman - 39549

Medieval Drama: From Sanctuary to Stage - 10819

Catholicism: The Unpredictable Rise of Rome - 44763

Charlemagne and the Holy Roma Empire - 1956

The Dark Ages and the Millennium: Christianity in the 9th and 10th Centuries - 9363

The Dark Ages - 43046

Inside the Medieval Mind: Power - 42044

Knights and Nobles - 34152

The Feudal System - 1957

Islam: Empire of Faith - The Awakening - 41005

Bankes, Builders, and New Beginnings - 34154

Heresy, War, and the Black Death: Christianity in the 13th and 14th Centuries - 9365


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