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REA 0017 (Cowden): Bias

This a guide for Prof. Karen Cowden's developmental reading classes.


Favoring a particular point of view and often trying to persuade the reader of that viewpoint.

Most writers have an opinion on a subject. How well does the author keep his or her opinion within reasonable limits? Is the bias limited or significant?

Does the author of the information have ulterior motives besides informing me on a topic?

Limited or Significant?

Decide whether the following pages have limited or significant bias.

Significant Bias

Sites with significant bias often have ONE OR MORE of the following:

  • Inflammatory tone
  • Lack of supporting evidence / Evidence from informal sources
  • Partial truths or inaccurate information
  • Intent is to sell or persuade

Limited Bias

Sites with limited bias typically have ALL of the following

  • Impartial tone
  • Supporting evidence from formal sources
  • Accurate information
  • Intent is to inform