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ENC 1101 (C. Smith): Essay 3

This is a guide for students in Professor Crystal Smith's ENC 1101 classes.

Issue Resources in Brief

The following are some different types of resources you may want to explore when working on your topic.

Background information

  • Pro/Con essays: Provide an overview of an issue including the arguments given by both sides. Available in books such as Opposing Viewpoints, At Issue and Taking Sides; also available in Library Databases.


  • Statistics: Numbers that show evidence to back up an argument. Web sites, especially government web sites, may be good sources for up-to-date statistics. Also find statistics in reference books and library databases.
  • Opinion poll data: Specific type of statistics that describe people's opinions about an issue or event. Available from the web sites of respected polling organizations.

Current Events & Reporting

  • News reports: Stories that describe how your issue is impacting the world, the nation or a community. Find news reports on television, radio, and newspapers. Find collections of news reports in Library Databases.
  • Documentary / Educational Films: Films produced for the purpose of bringing an issue to light, persuading an audience, or for educational purposes.

Points of View

  • Opinion articles: Opinion articles such as Letters to the Editor or Editorials express the writer's point of view or that of the organization they represent. Find opinion articles in newspapers and Library Databases.
  • Organizations / Interest Groups: For many controversial issues there are organizations and interest groups that work and lobby for their side of the issue. Browse books and encyclopedias about these organizations and look for information on their web sites.
  • Scholarly journal articles: Expert research studies about the topic -- use these to get the scientific or expert point of view. Find scholarly journal articles in Library Databases.

Subject Guide

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