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ENC 1101 (C. Smith): Find Points of View

This is a guide for students in Professor Crystal Smith's ENC 1101 classes.

Searching for Points of View

When researching an issue, it's important to find information supporting BOTH sides of the issue, not just the side you happen to agree with! Even if you plan to take a point of view in your paper, be sure to research both sides thoroughly.

Recommended Databases

For viewpoint essays:

For opinion articles and editorials:

  • Newsbank - Add to your search in Section: op* OR ed*. This will search for articles from the opinion or editorial section of the papers.
    • Hint: It can also be helpful to add the words "support*" or "oppose" or "opponents" to your search. Be advised, though, you won't necessarily find supporting articles by typing "support" and opposing articles by typing "oppose." This will just help you find articles that probably tell about a point of view.

For expert research:

Recommended Books

For these and other books on your topic, search the Library Catalog.

Recommended Web Sites

The following web sites provide lists of web sites of interest groups for various controversial issues.

Subject Guide

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