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ANT 2000 (Laguer Diaz): Module 8

This is a guide to resources used in Professor Laguer Diaz' introductory anthropology course.




  • Global Changes and the Role of Anthropology


Access the movie: Explaining Globalization (online @ Library)

Write a one page report on the movie shown. Your report should include:

  • One paragraph briefly summarizing the movie
  • The rest of the reaction should be spent relating the topics presented to those on Chapter 16 Global Changes and the Role of Anthropology) and in the Online lecture.

Explaining Globalization

This is a library-subscribed video. To access it, click on the link below, and then click on View Online. You will be prompted to enter your Borrower ID and PIN. Your Borrower ID is your VID number, and your PIN is the last 4 digits of your VID number.

Subject Guide