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East Campus Library Materials Budget Allocation: Materials Budget Allocation

Valencia College East Campus Library Budget Allocation

The materials budget is broken down into the following budget areas:



East Campus E-Resource License

Fines and Fees

Media (AV)

Standing Orders



At the beginning of the fiscal year the total budget is allocated to the above categories based on current need and the previous year’s allocation.  Allocations are made first to the East Campus E-Resource License, Media (AV), Standing Orders, and Subscriptions budgets.  The remaining budget is then allocated to Books.


The Books budget is allocated by percentage to the following department areas:

Business/IT                         15%

Communications                 22%

Humanities                          22%

Math                                    3%

Science                                12%

Social Science                     26%


The Fines and Fees budget accumulates throughout the year as users pay for overdue library fines and lost materials.  This money is allocated to all areas with priority going to replacement of needed lost materials.


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