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Ask The Puma Research Guides: St. Sernin in Toulouse, France

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St. Sernin in Toulouse, France

St. Sernin is the largest Romanesque church, built in Toulouse, France for the Augustinian canons from foundations that date to1060.  Soon after the high altar was dedicated on May 24, 1096, Pope Urban II credited the construction to Bishop Petrus Rogerius but it is more likely that it was undertaken when Bishop Izarn introduced clerical reforms to Toulouse around 1073.  A hospice was founded there before 1080 by Count William II and his wife Mathilda, and was entrusted to Raymond Gairard, a canon of St. Sernin, who is credited with building the body of the church before his death in 1118.   St. Sernin combines the monastic and pilgrimage features introduced early in the 11th century by being the first synthesis of the elements that would become familiar in urban Gothic churches of the Middle Ages.   

Call Numbers for Browsing the Shelves 

  • N 31
  • N 5300, 5975
  • NA 200
  • NA 390, 957, 4800s


LINCCWeb Online Catalog – Search Terms

  • Byzantine Architecture
  • Romanesque Architecture

           (When using the index in the books,  look under Toulouse)


Circulating Books – A Selected List

  •  Barral I Altet, Xavier. The Romanesque.  1998.

                    Call Number:  NA390 .B37 1998

  • Conant, Kenneth.  Carolingian and Romanesque Architecture, 800-1200.  1978.

                  Call Number:  NA365 .C6 1979

  • Kostof, Spiro.  A History of Architecture.  1995.

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  • Minne-Seve, Viviane.  Romanesque and Gothic France.  2000.

                      Call Number:  N6843 .M5613 2000

  • Radding, Charles.  Medieval Architecture, Medieval Learning.  1992.

                         Call Number:  NA390 .R33

  • Sutton, Ian.  Western Architecture: From Ancient Greece to the Present.  1999.

                         Call Number:  NA200 .S93 1999 

  • Traveler’s Key to Medieval France.  1986.

                          Call Number:  NA5543 .J35 1986

  • Yarwood, Doreen. The Architecture of Europe. 1991.

                          Call Number:  NA957 .Y37 v. 2.


Reference Books

  • Dictionary of Art.  1996. 

                   Call Number:  REF N31 .D5 1996 v.31,  207-08.

  • Encyclopedia of World Art.

                     Call Number REF N31 .E533 v.12,  645-49.

  • Gardner’s Art Through the Ages.  1996. 

                    Call Number:  REF N5300. G25 1996b v.1, 386-88.

  • Honour, Hugh.  The Visual Arts:  A History.  2000.

                     Call Number:  REF N5300 .H68 2000, 375-76.

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                      Call Number:  REF N5300 .J3 2001, 275-77, 286-87.

  • Sir Banister Fletcher’s A History of Architecture.  1987.

                         Call Number:  REF NA200 .F63 1987, 327-29.

  • Snyder, James.  Medieval Art.  1989.

                         Call Number:  REF N5975 .S58 1989, 264-69.



  • Art of the Western World.  1989.  Part 2.

                    Call Number:  AV VIDEO N5300. A71 pt. 2


Research Databases

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  • Academic Search Complete


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