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Ask The Puma Research Guides: War Diaries, Letters and Personal Narratives

Quick start research guides to hundreds of assignments given at Valencia East Campus.


War Diaries, Letters and Personal Narratives


This research guide consists of books, audiobooks and websites containing diaries, letters and personal narratives from various wars including the American Revolution, American Civil War, Second Seminole War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, and the Vietnam War.


From More Than One War


Circulating Books


  • Carroll, Andrew (ed.).  War Letters:  Extraordinary correspondence from American Wars.

                        Call Number:  E181 .W273

  • Lewis, Jon E. (ed.).  Mammoth Book of War Diaries and Letters.

                         Call Number:  E181 .M366


American Revolution, 1775 - 1783

Circulating Books

  • American Revolution: Writings from the War of Independence.

                         Call Number:  E203 .A579 2001

  •  Dorson, Richard M.  Patriots of theAmerican Revolution: True Accounts by Great Americans.

                        Call Number:  E275 .A2 A44 1998

  •  Raphael, Ray.  People’s History of the American Revolution.

                      Call Number:  E275 .A2 R37

World Wide Web Resources

  • George Washington Diaries

  •  Letters from Valley Forge

  •  Military Journal

  • Spy Letters of the American Revolution

  • Search for diaries or letters in the American Memory Collection


Reference Materials (General Information)

  • American Revolution.

                          Call Number:  REF E208 .A43

  • Companion to the American Revolution.

                          Call Number:  REF E208 .C67

  • Historical Atlas of the American Revolution

                          Call Number:  REF E208 .B36 2000


Napoleonic Wars, 1800 -1815

Circulating Books

  • Durova, Nadezhda.  The Calvalry Maiden:  Journals of a Russian Officer in the Napoleonic Wars.

                       Call Number:  DK190.6 .D8 A3 1989

World Wide Web Resources

  • Freer Letters from the Peninsular Wars.


Second Seminole War, 1835 - 1842

Circulating Books

  •  Bemrose, John. Reminiscences of the Second Seminole War.

                     Call Number:  E83.835 .B46 2001

World Wide Web Resources

  •  Amos Beebe Eaton: A Soldier's Journal of the Second Seminole Indian War


American Civil War, 1861 - 1865

Circulating Books

  • Cram, George Franklin.  Soldiering with Sherman: Civil War Letters of George F. Cram.

                  Call Number:  E505.5 105th .C73 2000

  • Gallman, J. Matthew (ed.).  Civil War Chronicle: The Only Day-by-Day Portrait of America’s Tragic

Conflict as Told by Soldiers, Journalists, Politicians, Farmers, Nurses, Slaves and Other Eye Witnesses.

                 Call Number:  E655 .C49 2000

  • Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. Complete Civil War Journal and Selected Letters of Thomas Wentworth


                      Call Number:  E492.94 33rd .H53 2000

  •  Redkey, Edwin S.  Grand Army of Black Men: Letters from African-American Soldiers in the Union Army,


                     Call Number:  E540 .N3 G74 1992

  •  Werner, Emmy R.  Reluctant Witness: Children’s Voices from the Civil War.

                      Call Number:  E468.9 .W47 1998

  •  Whitman, Walt.  The Sacrifical Years:  A Chronicle of Walt Whitman’s Experiences in the Civil War.

                      Call Number:  PS3231 .A364 1999

  • Wiley, William. Civil War Diary of a Common Soldier: William Wiley of the 77th Illinois Infantry.

                     Call Number:  E505.5 77th .W55 2001

  •  Wiley, Bell Irvin.  Life of Billy Yank: The Common Soldier of the Union.

                       Call Number:  E607 .W49 1978

  •  Wiley, Bell Irvin.  Life of Johnny Reb: The Common Soldier of the Confederacy.

                     Call Number:  E607 .W5 1978


World Wide Web Resources

  • American Civil War:  EyeWitness to History

  • Calvin Shedd Papers: The Civil War in Florida: Letters of a New Hampshire Soldier

  •  Civil War Letters and Diaries

  • Civil War Letters of the Fox Brothers

  • Diary of Brigadier-General Marcus J. Wright, C.S.A. April 23, 1861 - February 26, 1863

  • Diary of Horatio Nelson Taft, 1861-1865 – Washington during the Civil War

  • Elijah Nelson Doughty’s Civil War Diary of Travels – Kansas Collection

  • Follett Letters Collection

  • Louis Leon: Diary of a Tar Heel Confederate Soldier

  •  Michael Hileman Memoirs

  •  Search for diaries or letters in the American Memory Collection


Reference Materials (General Information)

  •  Vandiver, Frank E.  Civil War Battlefields and Landmarks.

                  Call Number:  REF E641 .V36 1996

  • Encyclopedia of the American Civil War.

                    Call Number:  REF E468 .H47 2000

  • Encyclopedia of the Civil War.

                      Call Number:  REF E 468 .E632 2001


World War I, 1914 - 1918

World Wide Web Resources

  •  Diary of John William Gower

  •  Field Diaries of the First World War

  •  George Oliver Lunn:  War Diary

  • Letters from the Great War

  • Letters of Francis James Mack

  •  Memoirs and Diaries

  • Soldier’s Diary

  •  War Diary of George Culpitt

  • War Diary of Robert Bell

  • Writing by Moonlight: An American Diary

  •  Young Lieutenant in War


Reference Materials (General Information)

  • Grolier Library of World War I

                       Call Number:  REF D522.7 .G76 1997

  • Marshall Cavendish Illustrated Encyclopedia of World War I

                         Call Number:  REF D 522.5 .M39 1986

  • World War I Day by Day

                       Call Number:  REF D 522.5 .W47 2000



World War II,  1939 - 1945

Circulating Books and Audiobooks

  • Adler, Bill (ed.).  World War II Letters: A Glimpse into the Heart of the Second World War Through the Words of Those Who Were Fighting.

                                Call Number:  D811 .A2 W623 2002

  • Atomic Bomb: Voices from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

                              Call Number:  D767.25 .H6 A87

  •  Bird, E.J.  WW II Journals of E.J. Bird.

                            Call Number:  D811 .B515 A3 2001

  •  Butcher, Harry C.  My Three Years with Eisenhower:  The Personal Diary of Captain Harry C. Butcher.

                                 Call Number:  D811 .B86

  • Carlson, Lewis H.  We Were Each Others Prisoners: An Oral History of World War II American and German Prisoners of War.

                              Call Number:  D805 .U5 C29 1997

  • Courtney, Richard D.  Normandy to the Bulge:  An American Infantry GI in Europe During World War II.

                             Call Number:  D756 .C68 1997

  • Drez, Ronald J. (ed.).  Voices of D-Day:  The Story of the Allied Invasion Told by Those Who Were There.

                         Call Number:  D756.5 .N6 V65

  • Green, Joshua M. (ed.).  Witness: Voices from the Holocaust.

                            Call Number:  D804.195 .W58 2000

  • In Their Own Words: WWII: The European Theater [CD recording]

                        Call Number:  [Browsing] D756 .I52 2002

  •  Klemperer, Victor. I Will Bear Witness: A Diary of the Nazi Years.

                        Call Number:  DS135 .G3315 K56

  • Lewin, Abraham.  A Cup of Tears: A Diary of the Warsaw Ghetto.

                       Call Number:  DS135 .P62 W314

  • Moses, Robert (ed.).  Holocaust Chronicles:  Individualizing the Holocaust through Diaries and Other Contemporaneous Personal Accounts.

                    Call Number:  D804.18 .H67

  • Neumann, Peter.  The Black March: The Personal Story of an SS Man.

                   Call Number:  D811 .N4613 1967

  • Ogura, Toyofumi. Letters from the End of the World: A Firsthand Account of the Bombing of Hiroshima.

                     Call Number:  D767.25 .H6 O413

  • Standifer, Leon C.  Not in Vain:  A Rifleman Remembers World War II.

                     Call Number:  D811 .S763 1992

  • Tregaskis, Richard.  Guadalcanal Diary.

                     Call Number:  D767.98 .T7 1959

  • Westall, Robert (ed.).  Children of the Blitz: Memories of Wartime Childhood.

                   Call Number:  D810 .C4 C52 1987

World Wide Web Resources

  •  Katyn and World War II Diary of Leon Gladun, Polish Officer

  • Private Art Pranger- A Collection of WWII Letters To and From the Home Front

  • Rutgers Oral History Archives of World War II

  • 10 Days at the Battle of Bastogne - Journal by Prof. Eduardo A. Peniche

  • World War II – EyeWitness to History


Reference Materials (General Information)

  • Marshall Cavendish Illustrated Encyclopedia of World War II

                    Call Number:  REF D743.5 .M37 1985

  • New Grolier Encyclopedia of World War II

                    Call Number:  D743 .N48 1999

  • World War II Day by Day

                     Call Number:  REF D743.5 .S43 2000


Korean War, 1950 - 1953

Circulating Books

  • Tomedi, Rudy.  No Bugles, No Drums:  An Oral History of the Korean War.

                   Call Number:  DS921.6 .T66 1993

  • Paschall, Rod.  Witness to War: Korea.

                     Call Number:  DS921.6 .P33 1995


World Wide Web Resources

  • Korean War - Recollections from the Front


Reference Materials (General Information)

  • Hoare, James and Susan Pares.  Conflict in Korea: An Encyclopedia.

                        Call Number:  REF DS916 .H62

  • Tucker, Spencer C. (ed.).  Encyclopedia of the Korean War: A Political, Social, and Military History.

                        Call Number:  REF DS918 .E53


Vietnamese Conflict, 1961 - 1975

Circulating Books

  • Baker, Mark.  Nam: The Vietnam War in the Words of the Men and Women who Fought There.

                      Call Number:  DS559.5 .B34 2001

  • Ebert, James R.  A Life in a Year: The American Infantryman in Vietnam, 1965-1972.

                         Call Number:  DS559.5 .E24 1993

  •  Edelman, Bernard (ed.).  Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam.

                         Call Number:  DS559.5 .D43 2002

  • Engelmann, Larry.  Tears Before the Rain: An Oral History of the Fall of South Vietnam.

                           Call Number:  DS559.5 .E45 1997

  • In Their Own Words: Vietnam (CD recording)

                           Call Number:  DS559.5 .I58 2002b

  • Maurer, Harry.  Strange Ground: An Oral History of Americans in Vietnam, 1945-1975.

                            Call Number:  DS559.5 .M39 1998

  • Santori, Al.  To Bear Any Burden:  The Vietnam War and its Aftermath in the Words of Americans and Southeast Asians.

                          Call Number:  DS559.5 .S25 1999

  • Steinman, Ron.  Soldiers’ Story: Vietnam in Their Own Words.

                           Call Number:  DS559.5 .S746


World Wide Web Resources

  • Letters Home from Vietnam

  • Vietnam War Internet Project Personal Narratives


Reference Materials (General Information)

  • Kutler, Stanley I. (ed.).  Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War.

                    Call Number:  REF DS557.7 .E53 1996

  • Tucker, Spencer C. (ed.).  Encyclopedia of the Vietnam War: A Political, Social, and Military History.

                     Call Number:  REF DS 557.7 .E53 1998


Persian Gulf War, 1991

World Wide Web Resources

  • Gulf War Diary


Reference Materials (General Information)

  •  Grossman, Mark.  Encyclopedia of the Persian Gulf War.

                              Call Number

  • Schwartz, Richard A.  Encyclopedia of the Persian Gulf War.

                            Call Number:  REF DS79.72 .S39 1998



This Research Guide is designed to help users find information on a particular topic within the Valencia Community College East Campus Library.  This is by no means a comprehensive list of resources and other resources may be available on this topic.  Please check the LINCCWeb, Valencia East’s online catalog, to verify the availability of circulating books within the library.  Feel free to ask a librarian for help if you need further assistance.


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