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NEW STUDENT EXPERIENCE: Making a Personal Connection

Valencia College provides a coordinated experience for all new students. The New Student Experience includes a required, credit-earning course and provides an extended orientation to college, integrated student success skills and career and academic advising, which includes the development of an individualized education plan. We envision that the new student experience will result in curricular and co-curricular student engagement, leading to the successful completion of the first 15 college-level credits at Valencia.


MAKING A PERSONAL CONNECTION: Build Your Communication Competency

This LibGuide is designed to help students understand and evaluate oral and written communication skills as they relate to connecting with the Valencia community.  Video scenarios and instructional materials guide students to engage in role play and evaluation activities.  Students will evaluate their own communication competency and gain an understanding of communication competence through the three parts of the Making a Personal Connection lesson.

Lesson Sections Include:

Getting Started- Icebreaker

Connecting With Professors- Part I and Part II

Connecting With Professionals- Part III

Getting Started: Video

Getting Started

A Hand Shake, Introduction and Conversation (see link below) is a 10-15  icebreaker activity designed to start the Making a Personal Connection lesson, although this icebreaker could be used alone. Start by watching the video and then follow the icebreaker directions (see below).

*Following the icebreaker, there are a few discussion questions. Some students may want more information on how to improve their conversation skills.  A credible resource is Toastmasters International, an organization dedicated to communication and leadership development.  A quick resource checklist (see link below) offers students helpful conversation tips.

After the icebreaker activity, proceed to the Connecting with Professors tab.

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