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Political Science (Lair): Online Sources

A guide to help students conduct research in Professor Lair’s political science classes.

Other Online Sources

When should I turn to Google?

While you need to be careful about online sources when working on research papers, sometimes the best place to look can be Google. 

  • Basic overview: Glance at Wikipedia, get your search terms, and then close that browser tab
  • Simple statistics and opinion polls: Pew can be the best place to get an idea of how the general population feels about a topic.
  • Non-Profit or Government Website: Use sites such as,, or

Credible News Sources

Credible News Sources
Need information on current events, but afraid of getting biased information? Try these librarian approved sources.

Associated Press

Not-for-profit news wire service. The "definitive sources for independent journalism."

Independent international news agency

Pew Research Center

Surveys on current events and public opinion.


How to Evaluate a Website


  • Is the information fair? 
  • Is it expressing a bias?


  • Was it fact-checked by an editor?
  • Are there spelling, grammar or formatting errors?
  • Is it reliable? 


  • Who wrote the information?
  • Who published the site? 
  • Is it an organization with strong opinions?
  • Is the page current?
  • Are there dead links?


  • Are there sources? 
  • Where does the information come from?
  • Can you find the information elsewhere?
  • Is there contact information?

Assessing News Sources

Media Literacy Sources

Use the below sources to fact-check any questionable articles.

Media Bias/Fact Check

Rates individual news sources for accuracy and identifies potential bias.


Fact checks and rates claims made by politicians for accuracy. 


Test your skills with these games:

Get Bad News - Game
Learn the ins and outs of how fake news in disseminated by running your own Twitter empire. 

Facticious - Game 
Test your knowledge of fact-checking with this game. 


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