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SLS 1122 (East) - NSE: Use it or Lose it

New Student Experience Guide for East Campus students.

Use it or Lose it

Directions: Your Comp I professor has just assigned you a 10 page, informative report on a career of your choice. You are allowed to use the Internet. However, your professor warns that the sources must be credible.

You have decided to research how to become a teacher. Review the 5 websites listed on the Use it or Lose it exercise. Then place a check in the “use it” box if you would include the site in your paper or the “lose it” box if you would not include the site in your paper. 

Web Sites

Use it

Lose it

1. How Do I Become a Certified Teacher?



2. The 100 Best Jobs



3. Love, Teach



4. Analyzing Factors Influencing Teaching as a Career Choice Using Structural Equation Modeling



5. High School Teachers