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Health Information Technology: Databases & Journals

What is a Database?

"Database" is a word that means a collection of something. Library Databases are collections of articles, images, video clips and other documents you can use for college-level research. The library subscribes to these resources each year, so they are only available to Valencia students, faculty and staff.

The contents of a database are different from the web sites you can find through Google and other search engines. They are specifically meant for college students and researchers to find information about topics.

Searching CINAHL

The video below reviews how to search the CINAHL database.

Searching ScienceDirect

Databases Available

The following databases are available to Valencia College students.
They are available on and off campus.

Locate a Journal Article

Locate a specific journal article by searching our Journal A-Z Listing.

Simply type in the journal's name and click on Go.

There are the journals your professor recommends: