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ENC 1102 (Toole): Documented News Article Analysis

A guide for Prof. Toole's ENC 1102 classes working on literary research.

Assignment Details

Review the assignment details before beginning the research and writing process.

1. Select Your Conflict & Explore Background Information

Explore background information on your conflict. This will provide you information of key people, movements, places, terms, and more on your given conflict.


2. Explore Current News Articles

Exploring news articles can provide useful information about a conflict. News articles can provide insights into how people think about a conflict, can provide context for the conflict, provides insight into local viewpoints about solutions to the conflict, and more.

3. Questions to Consider About Your News Article:

Who are the parties affected by the conflict?

Does the news article present information about all sides of the conflict? How does the article do this? Is there a side missing?

Does the news article mention people? How are the people portrayed in the article?

Does the news article mention a possible solution to the conflict? If so, what is the suggestion?

Do you need additional information about an aspect of the conflict mentioned in the article?

4. Cite Your News Article