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ENC 1102 (Freuler): MLA

A guide to help students complete writing assignments in Professor Freuler's Comp II class at the Osceola Campus

Creating MLA Citations

Is MLA causing you stress? Your Valencia College librarians are here to save the day! We have created color-coded guides to show you how to:

  • Format your citations in your Works Cited page
  • Format your in-text citations 
  • Cite database sources, web sites, books, YouTube videos, and more!

Click here for a list of examples of how to cite electronic sources. Electronic sources can be digital or found online.

Click here for a list of examples of how to cite print sources. Print sources are known as physical or tangible sources that you can hold such as a book, newspaper, or DVD. Remember, you can find these sources online as well. Then you would refer to the electronic sources guide linked above.

Click here for sample MLA papers that illustrate how to format your paper, include in-text citations, and have an exemplary Works Cited page. Once you click the link, select a PDF icon to view a sample paper. 

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