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Psychology Information Literacy Guide: Citing in APA Style

About This Lesson:

Citing sources is a skill you will use in most academic disciplines in college. APA is the citation style most often used in psychology and other social sciences. If you're already familiar with the other most common style, MLA, you'll have a good start, but APA style citations look slightly different. Knowing how to properly cite sources is an important aspect of avoiding plagiarism and using information ethically.

View both videos and then complete the exercise. Approximate total time: 15 minutes.

Instructions Part A: Watch the Video on APA In-Text Citations

Instructions Part B: Watch the Video on the APA References Page

Instructions Part C: Complete the exercise.

For Face-To-Face Sessions Only:

Access the journal article for the APA Citations exercise here.

Subject Guide

APA Resources

Following are links you may use to help you build APA style citations.


For use with face-to-face library instruction sessions only.