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Media Literacy: News Media Bias

What About News Media Bias?

Bias exists in the news media to varying degrees. You can learn to recognize news media bias and balance your news "diet" with a variety of perspectives.

Identifying Different Types of News Articles

Defining News Bias

Click on the image below to explore five types of news bias with Checkology: partisan bias, demographic bias, corporate bias, neutrality bias, and "big story" bias.

Understanding Bias screenshot

These biases can manifest in different ways. Click the image below to explore five forms of news bias with Checkology. The five forms are framing, absence of fairness and balance, tone, story selection, and sourcing.

Checkology forms of bias screenshot

More Articles & Examples

Selecting a Variety of News Sources

Diverse Voices

Select news sources that include diverse life experiences.

Political Perspectives

Select news sources from across the political spectrum.

Local, National & International

Select news sources that are based in your community, in your nation and in other nations.


Select a variety of newspapers (print or online), broadcast news (tv and radio), and digital news (can include news websites, news aggregators, social media, podcasts and videos). Explore the following link to learn more about each format:

Evaluating News Sources

Constructing Your News Media Diet

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