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Valencia Reader - ENC1102: Science Fiction

Alphabetical Listing of Authors

For any entries that require a login, enter your Borrower ID (VID Number) and PIN (last four numbers of your VID).  After you have entered this information, you will have access to any entry in the Valencia Reader. 

Bierce, Ambrose

Ashwell, Pauline

Blumlein, Michael

Brin, David

Brody, Jed

Bryant, Edward

Campbell, Ramsey

Choi, Eric

Crowley, John

Delany, Samuel

Doctorow, Cory

Doyle, Arthur Conan

Dozois, Gardner

Ellison, Harlan

Fraknoi, Andrew

Franke, Herbert W. (Germany)

Frederick, Carl(ton)

Garrett, Gordon Randall

Godwin, Tom

Greg, Percy

Harrison, Harry

Hodgson, William Hope

Hoffman, E. T. A.

Hudson, W. H.

Johnson, Les

Kennedy, Leigh

Lasswitz, Kurd

Le Guin, Ursula

Lee, Tanith

Leiber, Fritz

Leinster, Murray

Lerner, Edward M.

Lingen, Marissa

London, Jack

Lytton, Edward Bulwer

Madsen, Svend Age

Martin, George R. R.

McCammon, Robert

Mitchell, John Ames

O' Brien, Fitz-James

Osborn, Stephanie

Piper, Henry Beam

Qiufan, Chen

Raphael, Rick

Reynolds, Dallas McCord

Roberts, Tedd

Robinson, Spider

Rohn, Jennifer

Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft

Sidorova, J.M.

Silverberg, Robert

Sterling, Bruce

Stockton, Frank R.

Sturgeon, Theodore

Tucker, George

Wells, H. G.

Wharton, Ken

Wheeler, J. Craig

Williams, Ralph

Williams, Walter Jon