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Psychology Research (Magness): Online Resources

A guide to help students complete research assignments in Professor Magness' Psychology classes

Online Resources at Valencia

Valencia College Libraries have a wide variety of online resources you can access from any off-campus location. These include eBooks, eVideos, and journal article databases. The information on this page will help you learn how to use these resources.

Visit the DSM-5 tab above for more information about accessing the DSM-5 online

Accessing Databases

To access the databases below, log into your Atlas account and click the "Search the Library" link in the upper right corner on the "My Atlas" tab. Once the library catalog opens, you will see the "Databases A-Z" Link in the top center of the page, above the search box. Then find the database you want in the alphabetical list, and connect.

Sometimes you may be prompted to log into the library site using a borrower ID and PIN. Use your VID number (with the V) as the borrower ID. Your PIN is the last four digits of your VID number.

How do I Identify an Original Research Study?

Many Psychology assignments require you to find original research studies to use in your research. An original research study article is an article from the library databases that presents research that is based on actual observations or experiments conducted by the author. 

 How can I tell if an article is an original research study?

  • Check the source: Empirical articles are usually found in scholarly journals, not magazines or newspapers. Journals like Genetics and Animal Biology both publish studies that are empirical.
  • Read the abstract (summary): If it mentions any study, questionnaires, participants, or measurements that the author conducted, it is empirical.
  • Format: Many empirical articles are broken down into sections, such as "Methodology", "Results", and "Conclusion". Finding these or similar headings in an article is a good indication that it involves a study or experiment.
  • Length: Empirical articles are usually very lenghty, at least 5 pages.
  • References: Does the article have references listed at the end? Scholarly researchers have to cite their sources, just like you!

Accessing Library Resources

Searching for eBooks

Searching for Journal Articles Using the Library's Databases


Helpful Databases

The following databases may be helpful for research in a variety of Psychology topics, and can be found under Databases A-Z in the library catalog (see tutorial above):

Visit the DSM-5 tab for more information about accessing the DSM-5 online