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Hum 1020 (Cairns) - Research Paper: Assignment Guidelines

A guide to research assignments in Professor Cairns' Intro to Humanities class at Osceola.


This assignment necessitates several types of research:

The research paper topic will involve you researching any topic relevant to the Humanities. This includes but is not limited to topics in anthropology, philosophy, art history (architecture, music, painting, drawing, etc.) Send me an email if you are having a difficult time deciding on a topic. Please keep the following in mind:

  •  Your 4-6 page paper must be written in the following format: Typed or computer printed, double-spaced, with no larger than 1 1/4- inch margins and 12-point fonts. “Illustrations” are encouraged and allowed but they will be subtracted from your total page count. All sources will be correctly cited according to the Chicago Manual of Style or MLA. PLEASE NOTE: Those who fail to correctly cite their sources according to the Chicago style or MLA will automatically have 10 points docked off the top of their paper grade.

  • This is a research paper, and I will expect you to cite at least five print sources (books, scholarly journals, peer reviewed articles, newspapers, etc.) that you consulted in putting the paper together. Use Valencia library and the library databases (I’m particularly fond of Art Full Text, J-Stor and Project Muse) will have multiple resources available for you regarding the artists, works, and periods the assignments require you to research and address. There is also useful information available in more contemporary sources, such as the Web, documentaries, and DVD commentary. In any case, all papers will be expected to cite any information used in one’s research, including websites and audio/visual sources, according to the Chicago Style or MLA. This said, “I will remind everyone that those who do not properly cite their source will receive and automatic “zero” on the assignment and be reported for plagiarism.

  • Don’t forget to describe: Write with the well-observed detail that you would use explaining the topic to someone who has never heard of it or seen it. I guarantee this will help you in your analysis! Also, please remember that (like book titles) the titles of artworks and exhibitions must either be underlined or italicized in your essay. 

  • At some point in your writing process stop by the Writing Center (Located in Building 3, Room 104) for a thirty minute consultation on a walk-in basis. The writing consultants will help plan and organize their writing and learn how to identify and correct errors in grammar, mechanics and development. Students are advised to bring hard copies of their work as well as copies of their assignments. For more information call 407-582-4250.

  • In addition, have at least two people proofread the final copy before you turn it in to be graded.

  • Images are mandatory. I want to see what you are talking about!

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