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Learning Support-Computer Access Lab: Services

This guide gives a patron information about the Computer Access Lab.


  • Windows and Macintosh computers
  • Laser printers: Color and B&W
  • Scanners
  • BluRay, DVD and VCR players
  • PACmate Braille output device
  • SARA Reader
  • Height Adjustable workstation


  • Adobe Creative Cloud: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat & more
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, and SolidWorks
  • Sony Vegas Pro and Sound Forge 
  • Sorenson VRS, JAWS, Kurzweil, MAGic and Dragon Naturally Speaking

To access our software catalog go to:


In the lab!

collage image of students getting assistance in the computer access lab

Project Space

The Space: Where groups can come together to brainstorm, collaborate, and construct creative projects.