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MUL 1110 (Territo) - Music Literature: Rubric

Rubric Guide

MLA Works Cited Page Rubric – 15 Total Points


Available Points

Citation Guidelines

Annotation Guidelines

Level 4

(Available Points: 15)

Information is (1) in the correct order, (2) the punctuation is correct, (3) entries are in alphabetical order, and (4) indentation and spacing are correct.


Paper has an entry for each work cited in the paper.



Annotations briefly summarize the source material and are clearly written


Level 3

(Available Points: 14-12)

Works Cited page is a separate page, includes all necessary entries, and has 3 or fewer formatting errors



Most annotations briefly summarize the source material and most are clearly written


Level 2

(Available Points: 11-6)

Is missing 1-2 entries


Includes 4 to 6 formatting errors


Some annotations may be incomplete or do not adequately summarize the material


Level 1

(Available Points: 5-1)

Is missing more than three entries


Contains 7 or more formatting errors



Few annotations adequately describe the source material; few annotations are written clearly


Level 0

(Available Points: 0)

No Works Cited page included




Annotations do not summarize the source material; annotations are not written clearly