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MUL 1110 (Territo) - Music Literature: Types of Sources

4 Peer Reviewed Articles

A lot of work goes into publishing peer-reviewed articles. These lengthy documents are typically the result of extensive research that includes studies, experiments, tables, graphs, and a survey of pertinent literature on the topic. Before a peer-reviewed article is accepted by a journal, it is sent out for a judgement test where other experts in the field will vote if the article should be accepted for publication. 

Peer-reviewed journals may also be known as scholarly journals or academic journals. 

Examples of Peer-Reviewed Articles 



"Beethoven's secret." The Wilson Quarterly 35.4 (2011): 77. Biography in Context. Web. 16 Feb. 2015.

Sachs, Harvey. "Beethoven Visits Cleveland: in 1958, the Colossus speaks to an 11-year-old boy." The American Scholar 79.2 (2010): 93+. Biography in Context. Web. 16 Feb. 2015.


Journal Covers




Peer-reviewed Journals Video

1 Topical Reference

Common reference books include encyclopedias and subject dictionaries. Reference books usually do not devote the entire publication to one specific subject. Instead, reference books contain many entries about different people or topic areas. Typically, reference books are not meant to be read from cover to cover. Reference books provide quick overviews and highlights of subject matter. Reference books do not check out. 

In addition to print reference books, the library also has reference eBooks that can be found via our catalog and databases such as Biography in Context

1 Subject Specific Book

Unlike reference books, the subject specific book are generally devoted to one topic. If your report on Beethoven, the biography Beethoven by Barry Cooper would be consider a subject specific book. Examples of other subject specific books are below. You are able to check out these books from the library. You may also find some that are available as eBooks.