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Genocide/Holocaust: What is genocide?

This Libguide will provide foundation information on the subject of genocide and specifically the Holocaust. Please refer to the library catalog or check directly with a librarian for additional information.

What is genocide?

                                             Rwanda Memorial photo courtsey of configmanager/flickr

"The word genocide was coined by Polish jurist Raphael Lemkin during the implementation of Hitler's Final Solution.  Lemkin was aware of the atrocities being waged across Europe, largely on racial grounds and affecting one ethnic group in articular: European Jews.  Thus he introduced a new term "to denote an old practice in its modern development," derived from the Greek word for race or people, genos, and the Latin caedere or cide, to kill. A word born of the Holocaust has grown as a concept with the passage of time and the persistence of atrocity...."

Peter J. Stoett

Contemporary Understanding of Genocide: Concepts and Questions

from The Genocide Reader

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