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ENC 1101 (Nick Brown): Research Process

A guide for Professor Nick Brown's ENC 1101 students, working on the annotated bibliography assignment

Picking Your Topic is Research

Finding Topics

New York Times Room for Debate covers a variety of current, debatable topics with multiple perspectives on each topic.

Controversial Issues Databases

The following databases specialize in controversial topics. They are good for finding multiple points of view on an issue.

What Are Databases and Why You Need Them

General Databases

The following databases contain articles on a wide variety of topics. You should be able to find almost any topic in one of these:

Identifying Additional Databases to Use

Explore the library's database collection and see other databases that may be useful for your topic.

After logging in via Atlas, click on Search the Library and then go to Databases by Subject.

You will see a list of subject categories that you can expand. Within each category is a list of databases with content in that subject area.


  • Use the blue "i" icon to find out more about each database's content.
  • Your topic may fit under more than one category. For example, illegal immigration is a social sciences and a current events topic.
  • Most good research involves using more than one source. Don't be discouraged if the first database you try does not yield enough results.

Finding Books and Ebooks

To find books and ebooks use the library catalog. Limit to books or ebooks. For print books also limit to West.