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Information Literacy Assessment Pilot: Benefits for Students

Information about the Information Literacy Assessment Pilot

TATIL Benefits

Each day students navigate the maze of information literacy in their personal and academic lives. Common tasks such as completing research assignments, buying cell phones, registering for courses, and renting an apartment all deal with the ability to find and effectively use information. Sometimes students are able to satisfy their information needs. In other instances, they might require assistance.

The TATIL test will help both instructors and students obtain a behind-the-scenes look on how students navigate and contribute to the information landscape. The many benefits for students include the following:

  • For taking the test, students will receive a certificate of completion. Students in the Honors program have used this document for their portfolios.
  • Several instructors have offered participation points or extra credit for completing the TATIL test.
  • The TATIL test provides an opportunity for self-reflection and supports the student core competencies of Think, Value, Communicate, and Act . Through the scenario-based questions, students will gain insight into their information literacy skills and the many factors that propel the research process.
  • Participation in the TATIL allows students to be involved in the curriculum process. The results from the TATIL pilot will inform instructors on course content and teaching strategies needed to improve the the information literacy skills of students. 
  • Information literacy is a major focus of many student learning outcomes at Valencia. Since information literacy is such a bedrock of the educational experience at Valencia, taking part in the TATIL will allow students to enhance their academic community and the quality of future courses they may take at the college. 
  • Pay it forward! The TATIL results will help determine the information literacy offerings for incoming freshman classes.