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ENC 1101 (Vrhovac) - Annotated Bibliography Project: Evaluating Web Sources

This is a research guide for students in Professor Vrhovac's English Composition I class on West Campus. It contains resources and suggestions to complete your assignment.


A key expectation of college-level research is that you will gather information from credible sources. Websites, articles, books, and media can all be credible sources -- or not. There is much to learn about selecting credible sources; however, "The C.R.A.A.P. Test" provides a handy acronym to get you started. The letters stand for five basic criteria you can use to evaluate sources.

  • Currency
  • Relevance
  • Authority
  • Accuracy
  • Purpose

Activity 1

Activity: Click on each of the flashcards below for a definition of each word in  "The C.R.A.A.P. Test" acronym.

Activity 2

  1. Use Google, or another search engine, to find information related to your research question.
  2. Using the handout below evaluate some of the websites. This will include moving beyond search results 1, 2, or 3. Remember you are writing a college level paper.
  3. After evaluating 3 or more websites, select the "best" source that would support your topic.
  4. Are there holes in the information provided by your selected website? This might indicate that you need additional information.

Other Resources for Evaluating Websites