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ENC 1102 - Wycha (East Campus): Organization

Research Unit



Intro: Use an effective introduction strategy (Unit 1) that includes brief introduction to the author AND the story you’re writing about. Transition smoothly into a clear thesis statement that asserts how the author’s life may have influenced or inspired specific topics in his or her short story.

Body Paragraphs: Alternate between author information and how that

information has influenced a specific topic in the short story you chose. This could mean that you write one paragraph about the author information and then the next paragraph about how that information influenced the short story. Alternatively, the info and influence could be housed in the same paragraph. That’s up to you. Just make sure you give enough attention to both pieces because this essay is not simply a biography, and it is not simply an analysis of a short story. It requires you to think critically and make connections.

*Note: Don’t write a whole biographical section and then a whole story section. The organization needs to be more purposeful than that (see above).

Conclusion: Use an effective conclusion strategy (Unit 1) that logically ends the essay.