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Database Quick Guide - Artemis Literary Sources: How to Use Artemis Literary Sources

Search tips

The Basic Search box on the home page performs a search of the Gale literary resources available to your library. The Basic Search box is also located on the product banner when you are not on the home page.

  1. Type your search terms in the search box.
  2. To get search results, click Search. When you are using the search box on the product banner, the Search link appears as the image of a magnifying glass.


Author and Title Search

Advanced Search offers specific search fields and limiters to narrow or expand your search.

  • Use Advanced Search to search specific collections (Literature Criticism Online, Literature Resource Center, etc.).
  • Search by Author,  Name of Work, Publication Title, and more.
  • Limit your search by peer-reviewed publications, content types, and more.

Working with Search Results

1. Your search results are grouped by Content Type

2. Shows you which Content Types contain results, with the number of documents found shown in parentheses.

3. View the most commonly occurring subjects and terms within your results in a color wheel.
4. Graphs how frequently a specific term(s) appear within your search results and in what years.

5. Searches with the result list - narrows the search

6. Limiters include by subjects, name of work, author - items by, publication title, or document title.

7. Citation & full text

Person Search Tips

Person Search

Use Person Search to find authors based on their name and/or a variety of criteria, such as gender, ethnicity, and genre. For example, you could search for female African American authors who focus on the "Coming of Age" subject/theme.

Click Advanced Search below the Basic Search box.

On the Advanced Search page, click Person Search.

Click Search.

A list of names matching your search criteria is displayed.

TIP   For each person, the names list shows the birth/death years (when known) and the nationality (when available). You can change the way the list is sorted by selecting a different option from the Sort By drop-down list. Use the Previous Set of Search Results and Next Set of Search Results arrow links to page through the list.

Select a name to view results, which can include criticism, biographies, news, works, and other kinds of content. The MLA International Bibliography is also searched, when available. When a preferred spelling of a name is displayed, select its "See" reference.

TIP   Results from a Person Search include a representative list of individuals covered in this resource who match your search criteria. It searches names specifically indexed in this resource as well as distinguishing characteristics such as gender and nationality when that information is available. When you are looking for additional references to a person within this resource or if Person Search isn't finding the individual you are looking for, use Advanced Search.