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The Performance Major's Survival Manual: Introduction

Table of Contents


Part 1 - Time Management

1. Goal Planning

2. Time Management Tools‚Äč

Part 2 - Stress Management

1. Stress and anxious 

2. Burn-out

3. Stage Fright and Audition Stress

4. Stresses in Personal Life

5. Finances

6. Extreme Stress

7. Help with Disabilities

8. Writing and Spelling Help

9. Transportation Issues

10. Housing Issues

11. Stresses at School

12. Being a Performance Major

Part 3 - Health Management

1. Eat right, sleep well

2. Affordable Doctors

3. Dentists

4. Eye Doctors

5. Colds and the Flu

6. Allergies

7. Sore Throats

8. Injuries

9. Marijuana

Printable Activity Sheets


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Welcome Performance Majors!

"State of my union" Stress Test

“State of my union” stress test

Check the ones that are true or somewhat true about you.

___1.  I get performance jitters (stage fright) but once I’m up there, I’m okay.

___2.  Before a performance, I start out calm...but then my nerves and inner voices start getting the best of me and I get more and more nervous.

___3.  I blank onstage, or maybe I’m just afraid I may blank.

___4.  I get so many negative thoughts running in my head before a performance.

___5.  I get nervous because I think people are watching me and judging me.

___6.  I’m less nervous for large crowds of nameless, faceless people.  I’m more nervous in front of small crowds, especially if I know people in the audience.

___7.  I’m actually less nervous for small crowds, especially if I know people who support me are out there in the audience.

___8.  I have test anxiety before an exam in my core classes.

___9.  It stresses me out to have to memorize things!

___10.  I have it all memorized, but something happens when I get up there to perform.

___11.  I’m a good performer, but a lousy essay writer and a bad speller.

___12.  I can’t sing!...and it stresses me out!

___13.  I don’t feel I fit in with the college crowd.

___14.  I’m a good performer, but when I do an interview or any public speaking, I’m really nervous.

___15.  I’m really good once I’m cast, but I don’t do well at auditions.  What am I doing wrong?

___16. My car isn’t that reliable, so when it breaks down, I have to miss class.

___17.  I’m having conflicts with my roommate.

___18.  I live at home with my family, and it’s stressful.

___19.  My family is going through a lot right now.  And it’s hard to be the strong one.

___20.  I’m thinking of moving out.

___21.  I don’t have anywhere to live right now.

___22.  I have financial problems, big-time. 

___23.  I have issues with one of my professors.

___24.  I have issues with one of my classmates.

 ___25.  I have issues with one of my classes.  I hate going to the class. 

___26.  I’m worried about the health of a family member—mental or physical health.

___27.  I’m worried about losing my scholarship.

___28.  I’m worried about my grade point average. 

___29.  Even though it is really difficult to go through school and work this many hours, I just have to because I need the money to pay off my bills.

___30.  I admit I’m probably taking too many credit hours.

___31.  I’m not sure exactly what classes to take that will launch me into my career.

___32.  I’m not really certain if the classes I’m taking are going to transfer or count towards my degree.

___33.  I’m taking some fun classes in my major, but I’m afraid I waited too late to take the classes I really need to graduate.

___34.   I think I need some guidance about the exact training I need to be a successful and fully trained performer.

___35.  I’m taking an overload of classes so that I can graduate and get out of here fast.

___36. I’m worried about getting into a good college after graduating from Valencia.

___37.  I think I’m ADD or ADHD, though I haven’t been assessed by a doctor.

___38.  I know I’m ADD or ADHD—a doctor assessed me.

___39.  I feel I know a lot of tools for managing my ADD, and it’s helping.

___40.  I don’t really do anything to help manage my ADD—I just live with it.

___41.  I may have a learning disability but I don’t really talk to my teachers or counsellors or the Student Office of Disabilities about it.  I think I can handle it on my own.

___42.  I am, or think I may be Dyslexic.

___43.  I’m worried about my own physical health.

___44.  I’m worried about my own mental health and what to do.

___45.  I get sore throats way too often.

___46.  I have allergies bad.

___47.   I smoke marijuana pretty often, but it doesn’t seem to affect my work.

___48.  I think my drug use (prescription or recreational) is becoming a problem.

___49.  I can’t afford a dentist, or an eye doctor, or any of those specialists.

___50.  I’m ready!  But where do I find auditions?


How'd you do?   Lots of check marks?  It's okay--help is a click away.

         Did you mark statements in purple, #1-28?  Go to "Stress Management" for some solves.

         Did you mark statements 29-36 in blue?  Go to "Time Management" for some solves.

         Did you mark 37-49 in green?  Go to "Health Management" for some solves.

Let's get started!

About the Activities

About the activities:

Click on "Activities" tab above for a downloadable copy of all the ACTIVITIES in the Survival Manual.                                     Then you can PRINT out the ones you will fill out.  

About the ***LINKS

About the LINKS:

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