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ENC 1102 (Nick Brown): Annotated Bibliography

What is annotated bibliography

What is an annotated bibliography?

  • A list of sources that you will use in your assignment. This list might include articles, books, streaming video, websites, and more.
  • An annotation is a summary and evaluation of a specific source and will contain information you would want to include in your assignment.
  • Your annotated bibliography will be presented in alphabetical order.

Your Annotated Bibliography Assignment:
For each source, write a paragraph containing the following:
1-Author credentials: Who is the author? Why is his/her opinion relevant to this topic?
2-Summary of argument: What is this author's basic message? What is his/her thesis?
3-Incorporated quote: Blend a relevant quote from the author into one of your own sentences.
The citations should be single-spaced; the paragraphs should be double-spaced.

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