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ENC 1102 (Nater) Essay 2 Movie Character You Can Learn From: Print Resources

Finding Books

There are two ways to search for books at the Valencia College Libraries:

1) Log into your Atlas account by clicking the icon below, and click the "Search the Library" link in the upper right corner of the "Courses" tab

2) Visit the library catalog without logging in by clicking the box below

There are benefits to accessing the catalog through Atlas. You will be able to hold or request books online, so they are available when you visit a campus library. However, the link above will grant you access to the catalog in the event of an Atlas outage.

Browsing Guide

If you prefer to visit the Osceola Library and browse the shelves for books on a way people could improve their health, you can look under the following call numbers in both the reference and circulating collections.

 B – Philosophy, Psychology, Religion

BF-- Psychology (Books on Emotion, Well-being, Happiness, Motivation, Affection, & Will could be here)

BJ-- Ethics (Books on Happiness, Character, Virtue may be here)

P - Language & Literature

PN-- Literature General

PN 1993 - PN 1999 -- Motion Pictures

PS-- American Literature

Reference Books

The following reference books are available at the Osceola Campus Library and may be relevant to your assignment.

Please note that reference books must be viewed in the library, and cannot be checked out. The library also has a number of books that can be checked out. Do an online book search (directions to the left), or consult a campus librarian for help locating these books.

Reference Sources- Literature- Motion Pictures

Reference Sources- Literature

Reference Sources- Literature- Comic Books & Graphic Novels

Reference Sources- Popular Culture

Reference Sources- Psychology/Sociology

Librarian Osceola Campus

Profile Photo
Cheryl Ann Livingston
Reference Desk 321-697-4154

Office 321-697-4957

Search Strategies


When searching the library catalog for books about a movie character try the following searches:

Gandalf (substitute your character)


Lord of the Rings (substitute the title of your movie)


Motion Pictures  AND Character*


Motion Pictures  AND Criticism 

try using some of the suggested search terms below or your own terms in different combinations that best reflect your topic.


Search Terms

When searching the Library Catalog for a movie character try using some of the following search terms:

Motion Pictures (usually will get more results than Movie or Film)

Character* (retrieves character, characters, characteristics, characterization or phrases beginning with these words.

You can also search by a specific Movie Title, Book Title (if the movie is from the book), Author Name or Character Name.

Mary Poppins

Iron Man

Harry Potter

Lord of the Rings


You can also search using the topic you are interested in AND another keyword.

Motion Pictures AND Criticism

Motion Pictures AND Character*

You may want to search for a specific character trait or other keyword related to what we can learn from that movie character.









Work Ethic






Video Clip

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