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IDH 1111 Interdisciplinary Studies in General Education II: In Depth Research

In Depth Research

Once you have developed a research question, you begin your in depth research, which will help you develop and support your thesis statement, which is the answer to your research question.

For in depth research two types of sources are usually used:

  • Books (and eBooks)
  • Scholarly Journal articles

Books (and eBooks)

  • in depth treatment of a subject
  • pay attention to the author's credentials
  • pay attention to the publisher -- books from university presses are generally considered more scholarly

Scholarly journals (also commonly referred to as refereed, academic or peer-reviewed) have:

  • authors with advanced degrees in the subject
  • a special review process called "peer review" in which the articles are reviewed by other experts
  • original research on a topic
  • extensive references to other sources on the topic
  • technical language
  • an audience of experts and students

Literature and General Databases

Additional Databases

Even More Databases

When doing academic research, it is important to be able to figure out how to pick a database to use. Sometimes a professor will assign you a database, but other times you have to pick your own.

To do this,

  • Display the list of library databases by subject. Most libraries have one.
  • Think about how your topic might fit into the broad subject categories. There is often more than one subject you could pick.
  • Display the list of databases in that particular category.
  • Pick one.

Some things to think about when looking at a database

  • What source types does it contain?
    • scholarly journal articles
    • overview articles from reference books
    • magazine articles
    • newspaper articles
    • videos
  • What are its search features?
  • Is the information recent or historical?

Library Catalog

Search the library catalog to find books or ebooks on your topic.