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ENC 1101 (Darden): Stereotypes: Home


This is a guide for students in Professor Darden's class. Use the links and instructions provided here to guide your research on a stereotype that you have chosen. I have provided an example here.

For more individualized help with this research, please contact me (info is below) or any Valencia librarian. :-)

Finding Books

Locating Books in the Library

When you have found a book that you want to borrow, write down the call number. It looks like this:

BF323.S63 S36 2004

Books are alphabetical by Call Number on library shelves.

Etymology of "Stereotype"

Deconstructing a Stereotype

Step 1. Identify the Research Question

What is it that you want to find out about the stereotype?

Example stereotype:

  • All librarians are old, single women who love cats.

What might you need to know in order to understand this stereotype?

  • What is the history of women in librarianship?
  • What is the relationship of unmarried women to librarianship?
  • Why are cats associated with single women?

Step 2. Identify Keywords

The key words are the most essential words in your research question, and words that are similar or related.

  • history
  • librarians / librarianship
  • women
  • single women / unmarried women
  • old women / elderly women
  • spinsters
  • cats

Step 3. Search for Information

Type your keywords into a search to find out more about the topic. The following library databases may contain useful articles:

General Books on Stereotypes

Are these all the books we have on stereotypes? No way!!

But, these may help to get you started. :-)