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CARE+: Essential Needs

Students in Distress: Identifying Personal and Academic Risk Behaviors

Valencia's Resource Guides

Covenant House Central Florida

Serving runaway, homeless, and at-risk youth under 21 including teen parents and their babies via street outreach, crisis shelters, transitional housing projects, and aftercare.

The demand for emergency shelter currently exceeds financial capacity.  All referral sources should call ahead to determine if a bed is available.

In Orlando, call 407-482-0404.

Student Homelessness: Further Reading and Resources

Supporting Homeless Students - Resource guide from the Community for Accredited Online Schools.  Includes statistics, information on legislation to support homeless students, warning signs, and key steps educators can take to support students who are identified as homeless. 

The STEPS Guide to Affordable Housing: Resources and Support for Housing Insecurity - Information on programs for housing assistance, qualifications and criteria, and steps to receiving assistance.

Guide To College for Students Experiencing Homelessness - Resources for students experiencing homelessness, including:

  1. A guide to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act and the Homeless Bill of Rights.
  2. A comprehensive list of resources for housing help, essentials assistance, health assistance, community support, and academic support.
  3. Information regarding FAFSA and scholarships available to students experiencing homelessness.
Klitzman, C. (2018). College student homelessness: A hidden epidemic. Columbia Journal of Law & Social Problems, 51(4), 587-619.

Valencia Family Resource Library Guide




The Valencia Family Resource Guide is for Valencia College students, faculty, and staff members who are parents or caretakers of young children, and includes resources to help navigate some difficult situations and topics such as COVID-19, separation and divorce, or death of a loved one. 



Orange County Library Social Worker

The Orange County Library has a free social worker on-site and provides one-on-one assistance for people who need the following services (currently only working out of the downtown branch):

  • Affordable Housing
  • Career Skills Training
  • Food/SNAP Benefits
  • Government Services
  • Healthcare/Marketplace
  • Immigration
  • Reemployment Guidance

Click here for more information.


Need a Ride to Class?
No Problem.

As part of a partnership with LYNX, Valencia College students and employees are able to ride the LYNX system absolutely free. Click here for more information and details on how to ride with LYNX.

How to Renew Your Paw Pass Remotely

Avoiding Educational Barriers

This Avoiding Educational Barrier LibGuide was developed by Esther Perceval as part of her Spring 2021 IDH 2912 (Honors Research) project.  According to Esther, "In academia there is a lot of pressure on Faculty members and Administration to solve various issues and problems that students face. When it comes to students struggling in the classroom, there can be a multitude of reasons and factors that can come into play on why a student may not be doing well in a course, as well as why a student may not even reach out for help when they are struggling. With so many variables in play it is a difficult and challenging task to try and help every single student. Because of this, the goal is to promote students to essentially figure out some of the reasons on why they may be struggling academically and how to do so."

Esther has identified resources for students who may be struggling academically and provides strategies on how they can reach out for the help they need. 


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