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PSY 2861 (Hogan) - Positive Psychology: Internet Resources

A guide to help students conduct research in Professor Hogan's Positive Psychology course online at Valencia College

Suggested Internet Sources

Suggested Internet Sources

Choosing Credible Sources

One of the benefits of using library sources is that they've already been evaluated for credibility by librarians. When you decide to use sources from Google, you need to do the evaluation on your own. Whenever you use research sources outside of the library, be sure to consider the following criteria for each site you use.

AuthorityResearch the author of your site. Is the person a subject-area expert? If no author is listed and the site is published by an organization, would the organization be considered an expert in the field?

AccuracyDoes the author provide citations, a bibliography, or links to corroborate the research presented? 

CurrencyHow old is the information on the site? When was the site last updated? For this course, your information can be no older than five years old (2011-2016)

Purpose: Is the information on the site written to inform the reader, or sell a product? Is the author biased in any way? 

RelevancyIs the web site source the best possible place to find this information?

If the web site you plan to use meets the criteria above, it could be considered a credible source for research. If it does not meet criteria in one or more of the areas above, it may not be a credible source. You would be wise to find the information in a more trustworthy source.