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Sustainability: Take Action!

Take Action

Whether you're looking for an internship, a community, or a place to volunteer and learn, Orlando has many organizations to help you get involved.

Fleet Farming

Fleet Farming turns the unused space in people's lawns into food production all using the power of bicycles. 1/3 of climate change has been attributed to food production, which generates carbon through transportation of food and the production and transportation of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Fleet Farming is reducing the effects of food production by keeping it local and using pedal power and lawns to produce food. 

You can help! Fleet Farming hosts Swarm Rides every other week. They take a swarm of volunteers on bicycles to farmlettes where you work and learn how to farm in the process. All you need is a bicycle, helmet, water, and gloves if you want them. Don't fret if you don't have a bike, Juice Bike Share has stations right next to the start location for swarm rides. 

Community Gardens

Want to grow your own food but don't have the space? Community gardens offer affordable garden space rental along with classes and community support. 

Dean Road Community Garden is still in its planning stages. They are looking for "anyone who has an interest in designing, planning and providing leadership or sweat equity as we develop our land and vision."

Florida Urban Homesteading

Homesteading brings the basics of life back to the home. It promotes self-sufficiency by growing your own food, raising your own livestock, preserving food, and oftentimes making your own household goods. Bringing food and goods production back to the home cuts back on the carbon costs of transporting food and goods and the waste involved in packaging and products made for disposal. Florida Urban Homesteading offers education in self sufficiency and community support in your endeavors. 

Food Not Bombs

Food Not Bombs is an organization that takes food that would otherwise be thrown out and turns it into free vegan meals for anyone who needs them. This solves two sustainability issues at once by keeping waste out of landfills and also feeding those in need. Food Not Bombs could use volunteers every week as they prepare and hand out food at City Hall Mondays at 10:00 am and Wednesdays at 5:30 pm.     

Food Not Bombs has an interesting legal history that highlights how policies in our society can support or prevent sustainable practices. The organization currently offers food illegally in front of City Hall with the permission of Mayor Buddy Dyer, but it was a long (peaceful) fight for them to get there. 

Sustainability at Valencia

There are many ways to get involved right here at Valencia. Internships, clubs, skill shops, and events are just a few. Check it out on Valencia's Sustainability website!

IDEAS for Us

Have a project or idea that could improve the world? Want to intern for an organization that's making a difference? IDEAS funds local action projects that help solve the environmental crisis. IDEAS started right here in Orlando, and now they have projects across the globe. 


Want to learn more about improving energy, water, food, waste, or ecology? IDEAS meets once a month at the HIVE for lively, interactive learning and brainstorming sessions. Come make your ideas known. 

Orlando Permaculture

Orlando Permaculture is an action-based organization that provides action projects, community and education in growing food and regenerative living. They strive for a regenerative Central Florida. Regeneration goes beyond sustainability by improving the environment we live in rather than sustaining it's current state. 

Want to learn how to grow your own food or other sustainable practices? Orlando Permaculture meets monthly for learning and action projects. 

Florida School of Holistic Living

Florida School of Holistic Living offers education and community events surrounding sustainable living.They believe that the mind, body, and soul are all a part of living sustainably. Join them to learn about natural health, nutrition, art, and spiritual community. 

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