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Sustainability: In Your City


Orlando Greenworks

Orlando Greenworks is working to solve sustainability issues in Orlando in six focus areas:

  1. Energy and green buildings
  2. Local food systems
  3. Solid waste
  4. Livability
  5. Transportation
  6. Water

Let Your Voice Be Heard

One way you can make your city more sustainable is to stay up to date on local issues and make your voice known to local officials. County and City Commission meetings are open to the public, and the floor is open to you to speak on any issue brought to the commission. 

Learn More

The National Academy of Science report on Pathways to Urban Sustainability includes "recommendations to help U.S. cities work toward sustainability, measurably improving their residents’ economic, social, and environmental well-being. The report recommends that every U.S. city develop a sustainability plan that not only accounts for its own unique characteristics but also adapts strategies that have led to measurable improvements in other cities with similar economic, environmental, and social contexts." 

How can cities transition to ecocity design? What are the greenest modes of travel? How can we continue to drive cars and still live sustainably? Find out with this Fundamentals of Sustainable Living Series video.

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