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Faculty Mentor: UCF Transfer Resources

Resource for Faculty Mentors at Valencia College.

UCF DirectConnect

The main benefits of signing up for DirectConnect include:

  • Guaranteed admission to a bachelor’s degree program at UCF.
  • Preferential admission to select bachelor’s degree programs at UCF.
  • Joint advising from UCF and Valencia help ensure a smooth transition.
  • UCF staff available on-site at Valencia’s West and Osceola campuses to help with advising, admissions, financial aid and academic support.

Students enroll in DirectConnect by completing the DirectConnect sign-up card.  Students still need to submit an official application to UCF, and should do so once they reach 45 credit hours.

DirectConnect FAQ


SEE UCF, or Successful Early Exploration of UCF, is a full-day orientation to UCF offered to first-time-in-college students at Valencia each fall and spring semester.  Students are provided an opportunity to tour the campus, receive academic and career advising, learn about campus life, and meet UCF faculty, staff, and students.

Objectives of the program include:

  • Academic Planning: As a result of attending UCF's academic college presentations, students will be able to identify at least two potential majors to research.
  • Campus Connections: As a result of completing the campus tour, students will be able to identify two resources on the UCF campus to take advantage of upon transferring from Valencia.
  • Engagement: As a result of information provided by peer leaders, students will be able to identify at least two ways to engage in UCF campus-life.
  • Career Exploration: As a result of meeting with a Career Services counselor, students will be able to indicate at least two resources to assist them in their post-graduate career.

Transfer & Transition Services

Transfer and Transition Services provides assistance, referrals, and advocacy to enhance students' opportunities for strong academic preparation, a smooth transition to UCF, and successful progress toward graduation.  Services include academic and transition advising, programming for students and advisors, coordination of articulation agreements, publications and other communications for all constituents.

College Advising Offices

Once students declare a major, they work exclusively with the advising office in their college. These offices are also the first point of contact for faculty members with questions about degree requirements, advising procedures and processes, and other matters pertaining to academic advising.


Excess Hours

As a way to encourage students to complete their baccalaureate degree as quickly and efficiently as possible, the Florida Legislature implemented Section 1009.286, Florida Statutes in 2009, requiring state universities to add a surcharge to each credit hour taken in excess of the total number of credit hours required to complete the degree being pursued. The amount in excess of the total hours is calculated based on a percentage defined in statute and is referred to by UCF as baseline hours limit. The amount charged per credit hour is a calculated amount referred to as the excess hours surcharge.

The surcharge percentage is determined by a student's start date. If they entered a state university for the first time as an undergraduate student between and including Fall 2009 and Summer 2011, the surcharge is 50% of the normal tuition rate. If they started in Fall 2011 or later, the surcharge is 100% of the normal tuition rate.