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Social Media and Networking: Faux Pas

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Social Media Faux Pas

Social Media Faux Pas

A faux pas is an embarrassing or tactless act or remark in a social situation. Your social media profiles are a window for the world to discover the person you really are. What you choose to share about yourself, and what you decide to post can influence your employment, education, and potential future relationships. Using social media can lead to many positive experiences. However, as with everything in life, there are downsides to using social media. At least, there are if you do not do it properly.

Badmouthing employers or coworkers, getting too personal, and posting questionable content are some social media faux pas or mistakes that could cast a negative light on your social media profile and lead to serious negative consequences such as the following 4 real world examples.

Real World Ex. #1 Harvard Rescinds Admission of 10 Students Over Obscene Facebook Messages
Real World Ex. #2:  Four Nursing Students Expelled From University after Posting Pictures of Themselves Posing With Human Placenta on Facebook
Real World Ex. #3:  Teenage Office Worker Sacked for Moaning on Facebook about Her 'Totally Boring' Job
Real World Ex. #4:  Report: Eagles Fire Employee Over Facebook Vent

Read the below article about 6 Social Media Faux Pas That Can Turn Off Recruiters

Bottom line, anyone can access your profile and discover anything they want to about you. Chances are, prospective employers are going to investigate your social media profiles. In fact, don't be surprised if you are asked to log into one of your social media sites during an interview. Refusing could cost you the job opportunity! 

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